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The Most Magical Place 'Pangkil Island'

Pulau Pangkil Private Island  - a paradise island in Indonesia
It is certainly not easy to put into words how amazing this place is! This is a perfect place to vacation. The island setting is stunning with the outlook to the beach and surrounded by clear blue-green waters. The first thing that I strike one upon arrival in Pangkil Private Islands is the peaceful. The grounds are picturesque and peaceful; and the staff helpful. The entire stay was amazing. If too much sand, water, sunshine, and relaxation is your thing, then this is the true place for you. The added bonus with the private island is that it's a private island with limited over the driftwood palace, which allows you to feel like you have island to yourself.

Getting There

For the people of who are dizzy with the atmosphere of the city, do not need to go all the way to vacation to a quiet place and see the beach. Apparently, in Pangkil Islands, which is still part of Kepulauan Riau not too far from Singapore, it has Private Island. Why is it called Private Island? Because the island there is only for tourists, there are no residents who live there. So, for those of you who want to vacation on a quiet beach, Pangkil Island can be an alternative.
White Sand
Pulau Pangkil Resort can be accessed via two different lines. Those are from Singapore, The minimum travel time from Singapore to the island is 2 hours 40 minutes. It may vary depending on the time of day, size of group and choice of Ferry Company, but normally takes around 3 hours. Those from Indonesia are advised to come to Bintan Island first. From here, can travel overland to the east coast before boarding a boat to the small Pangkil Island. And I travel from Batam to Sri Bintan Pura harbor for 90 minutes, and pick up by the staff to the next across Pangkil island by private boat. Landed at the harbor, picked up by the resort boat, and taken to the resort. You just cannot believe how beautiful the water is. Luxury facility, cared for by a fabulous world-class staff, surrounded by beautiful deep blue waters. Seriously, paradise! I just thinking that is a heaven.
luxury's furniture from wood

The private boat which is I use to go 

Ocean appreciation

Over all day in the island I experienced nothing but excellence

The staff was amazing, wonderful, and pleasant, not to mention extremely accommodating with any special requests, especially food. They also made it a point to recognize we were returning guests and suggested activities based on our first visit. Attention to details is clearly a priority. Staff greeted me with welcome drink. It was the most amazing experience of my lifetime. The best part was the team that works there. They are especially wonderful people and really made the vacation special. They are genuine caring people, knowledgeable about what they do, and have a good time doing it! I feel like I made new friends and family for life! The team took the time to plan a special lunch for me, with delicious homemade food that I taste my home food. Even though it was raining outside, we had such a good time and their food was beyond belief.
Time to delicious lunch

Awesome Staff

Welcome Drink


Even more beautiful from above 💦🍃

More and more, people really want to disconnect during their holidays, and what better way to do that than on a completely private island? Paradise looks something like this. Sometimes you visit a place that looks amazing online, but in reality doesn’t live up to the hype. This place is the opposite pictures can’t do the scale of it justice, and as if it wasn’t breathtaking enough already, there are white sand and wind that make you feel don’t want to move. In the island that is not too broad and can be surrounded quickly, you can stay in the driftwood palace they provide. The building is made of wood and the roof is made of dried leaves. The rooms were interestingly designed, with very high ceilings made of dried leaves thatching to promote air circulation. The natural stone bathroom features a spacious shower. There are nine Palaces; none of them are more than five paces from the beach. When I entered it, I really felt inside the palace and couldn't wait to lay down on the bed and just need soft drink while enjoying the beach air from the driftwood. The resort also offers spa services. All spa products are made from favor of nature’s own bounty. I begin pampering at a relaxation pavilion in a peaceful stretch of sea view, where I can unwind before, in-between and after treatments. It’s a unique treatment given by expert, local masseurs and with the lapping water and cool breezes off the ocean just outside your room it’s that much more relaxing. Pick from a variety of 60 minute (250,000++ IDR) or approx 25 SGD, massage offerings. 

Bloody pretty beach

Outside driftwood palace

Inside the driftwood palace

Wonderful view in every side

I feel like a princess

Do you wanna go here? sure,yes.

The funnest days and crazy skies

The tree home

Inside the driftwood palace

comfortable bed
The big house

unique furniture

comfort zone for me, however this is toilet

Spa corner, with sea view

I just wanna lie in my bed

Make me feel comfort in every side
Eyes vitamin 

The Pool House

One of my favorite corner
Fun in the sun from one of my favorite side in this island, pool house. It is situated in the northern end of the island next to a small beach and is accessible only through a ‘Zen-like’ tunnel. The long wooden table is ideal for lunch or dinner should you choose to dine at this end of the island. There is a Pool House overlooking the pool which is often used for massages. I really blown away by the location, with the infinity pools going off into the sea and it was great to be able to sit out by the sea every morning having breakfast. I don't think I did much here apart from sit by the pool, apart from a bit of playing kayak or surfing off the beach right in front of the driftwood palace, but that was all we really wanted to do at that stage. I have very good privacy here, and all of the facilities and services that works very well. They enjoy that, and in terms of convenience, it’s a perfect life and I am here.

other side of pool
I feel the sensation

One of our funnest swim spots so far 💦

The other side near pool

The pool House

Feeling like the world is my playground

Wishing I were back in the blue paradise that is Pangkil island
I always constantly on the hunt for the prettiest beaches and bluest water and now found a beautiful natural swimming pool on an otherwise very wavy beach. Happiness is running out of the driftwood palace, onto an insanely beautiful beach, straight into the ocean. From the moment my step in this paradise island, it’s all about where the mood takes me: there’s more activities than I could shake a sea-kayak paddle at, but having my own infinity pool and the ability to dine in-villa makes it just as easy to play hermit for a while. After relaxing among loungers on the beach, by the pool, or under the dining canopy, I only had to walk steps to surfing among a lovely beach (of course all stuff were provided). Pangkil Island took me by surprise, from white sand to watching sunset at the shore, and relaxing in the perfectly still crystal water, my few days spent there felt like a dream.

Wild and Free

crystal clear waters
I wanna take you to this heaven

Spent this morning chilling out on this amazing beach

This beauty of a beach and surf spot 

Environmentally friendly

Travellers are recognizing the importance of environmental conservation and are increasingly seeking accommodation that supports environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism. Here at Pangkil Island, I know that responsible tourism practices are beneficial to both hoteliers and guests. Pangkil Island has a government approved "no-fish zone" all around the island and recycling program in the island. The woods provide a home for the flora and fauna, and I can feel the unexpected moment when explore the mangroves there. How I loved this place. Taking an eco-friendly vacation provides responsible travelers with an opportunity to do their part. 
Oxygen everywhere
Mangrove around me

Living in the moment and loving it all 

Always seeking those tropical adventures

The perfect end to a perfect day ✨
The privacy of this island can’t be overemphasized. The island’s location is far away from everything and everyone. Once again I tell you that the staff is present as much or as little as you wish. I simply can't imagine a better vacation or better staff. I must place emphasis on the fact that when the good folks at gladden they all inclusive, it is, period. But this is the hottest new niche in high-end travel—not a penthouse suite but an entire island just for you. On leaving, I have been known to shed tears and hope to be able to come back again and refer some friends or family to visit as well! Thank you for the amazing experience! (DW)

Pulau Pangkil Private Island Resort

Devina Wistiasari Jasmine


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